Staying Safe Online is built with tech safety in mind. However, nothing is 100% secure. When you use this website or call a shelter using a number you’ve found on this map, please make sure you’re using a device or computer that is safe. WSC’s Tech Safety Canada website is an important resource.


  • If you click on a link within this site, it may show up in your browsing history
  • Clear your browsing history once you’re done using this site
  • Use private browsing / incognito mode when using this site
  • Use a password on your phone, computer, or tablet
  • If you click on email address links, make sure it’s your email address it’s being sent from and that your abuser does not have access to that the email as there may be a record in your sent inbox
  • If you think someone else could have installed spyware onto the device you’re using, you may not want to use this service. Our Tech Safety and Privacy Toolkit includes information on spyware


Power and control issues are a part of domestic violence and abusive partners frequently use technology to monitor and control those they abuse. This is why it is important to cover your tracks. You should not save the address of this website or bookmark it in your browser. Remember it instead. Many women’s shelter websites have a “Hide This Site” button – if you click on this button it will immediately take you away from this website. You can use this button to hide what you are doing quickly.

If possible, enable the privacy mode of your Internet browser. This may be called “private browsing”, “InPrivate browsing”, “incognito mode” or “private window”, among other names. This is a privacy feature that disables browsing history and prevents your browser from saving web cache information.

If you do not use the privacy mode, you should delete your Internet history in your web browser. This information is created when you visit websites and is stored on your computer. Every browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari) creates this information differently. Find out where the history is stored in your web browser.

Clearing web browser histories in this way will delete ALL histories of visited websites. If you are concerned that someone may be checking up on your Internet usage, the absence of all files and history may appear suspicious. Before closing the browser, and AFTER you have left this site, please follow the information found on these browser-specific information pages: