About the “More Than” National Awareness Campaign

What is the “More Than” National Awareness Campaign?

The “More Than” National Awareness Campaign was an advocacy initiative created by Women’s Shelters Canada (WSC) that was dedicated to illustrating how violence against women (VAW) shelters and transition houses are “More Than” shelter.

The campaign was both for women who may be experiencing abuse and those who may know someone experiencing violence. It detailed how VAW shelters and transition houses offer services beyond an essential safe bed to sleep in, such as counselling, safety planning, and children’s programming. The campaign directed viewers to ShelterSafe.ca, WSC’s national online directory of VAW shelters that enables women to quickly connect to their local shelter via an interactive map.

Featuring informational content across social media, broadcast and connected television, radio, and out-of-home placements, “More Than” was an exciting and fully integrated campaign. At the forefront of the initiative was the multi-platform release of a 60-second PSA that appeared to be about how women employ various methods to get home safely. However, the PSA then switched to a thought-provoking conclusion that asked viewers to imagine how women feel if they don’t feel safe once they get inside their home.

The campaign rolled out over the first half of 2022, with all materials having English and French iterations. WSC thanks lg2, Canada’s largest independent creative agency, and Union Media for their dedicated work in developing and implementing this campaign. For more information on the campaign, read WSC’s full press release here or contact us at info@endvaw.ca.

For English media enquiries, contact:
Kaitlin Geiger-Bardswich
Communications and Development Manager

For French media enquiries, contact:
Lise Martin
Executive Director

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