Thank you for your interest in donating to and Women’s Shelters Canada. is a project of Women’s Shelters Canada. Through our work, we address the continued and ongoing prevalence of violence against women in Canada. Donations go towards our work in addressing violence against women at a systemic and national level. As a national organization, we advocate for every woman in Canada to have access to comparable levels of services and protection no matter where she lives. We highlight the valuable work of women’s shelters and transition houses in responding to women and children 24/7. And we also engage in raising public awareness and creating opportunities for shelters to share best practices, which ultimately improves the experiences and lives of the women and children they serve. Check out the work we do here.

In order to reduce and eventually end violence against women, we need to address immediate needs while also working on long-term change. This is why it is important to also donate to your local women’s shelter offering on-the-ground service to women and their children fleeing violence. We encourage you to use to find the shelter nearest you.