I never knew that I could feel safe again.

My children didn’t want to come and now they don’t want to leave.

We are in a magical house
– From a child.

My stay at the shelter allows me to find a purpose and motivation for the future.

I can recall feeling extremely worrisome, scared, alone, hopeless and lost when I first got here. I only had my daughters and one girlfriend, no family support. Thanks to the hard work each and every one of your wonderful staff members I was able to build up strength. I CAN PROUDLY SAY I’M NO LONGER A VICTIM OF ABUSE! I would like to thank all of the staff for touching my life in an amazing way.

I thought I would never be able to speak up my mind, thankfully to shelter staff I have my voice back.

For the first time I feel like somebody actually believes me. He’s so different around other people than he is around me so they think I’m crazy when I say how mean he is to me.

When I first came I was terrified because of the shelter idea….but immediately I felt comfortable and the amount of support here is above and beyond the help I expected and I would recommend any women in similar situation to approach here for help.

Above all the struggles and hardships, I have found hope and self worth.

Before I called, I had no idea what I was going to do. Now I have a plan and I know where to start.

I had called the shelter from a parking lot to reach out to someone who knows the struggles of abused women and hope for help. I felt crazy and so disconnected. I did not have anyone to turn to for support. I was all alone. I reached out and you met me where I was at and shared some light. After that initial visit I felt I had the support to embrace my life. I was reminded of the value I have a as woman; wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt and friend. Thank you for being nurturers of life.